Dune: the butlerian jihad

scrisa de Kevin J. Anderson, Brian Herbert

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Editura: TOR
Autor (i): Kevin J. Anderson, Brian Herbert
ISBN: 0-765-34077-1
Anul aparitiei: 2002
Descriere: Cartea este scrisa in limba engleza.The sands of time have not diminished the impact Dune has had on the
evolution of SF, and this new prequel by Frank Herbert's son and
bestseller Anderson, following 2001's Dune: House Corrino (the
concluding volume of their "House" trilogy), offers the kind of
intricate plotting and philosophical musings that would make the elder
Herbert proud. Reaching back into the beginnings of Arrakis, the
authors show us Selim, a boy cast out by his tribe who discovers how to
ride the fearsome giant sandworms. Selim tastes and learns the
visionary power of the magical spice, melange, and how the future of
Arrakis hinges on who controls it. At the same time, on planets far
removed from the desolate dunes of Arrakis, others are involved in a
Great Revolt. Free League World humans, led by Tercero Xavier Harkonnen
and Serena Butler of Salusa Secundus, battle Omnius, a computer
"evermind" intent on extending its dominion. The ominous Omnius seeks
to conquer all planets not yet incorporated into his Synchronized
Worlds system with the help of servile robotic extensions and
colleagues, including Erasmus, a Thinking Machine "Hannibal Lecter"
whose whimsical Mr. Spock-ish meditations enliven the proceedings
immeasurably. Throughout, key revelations regarding the Zensunni
Wanderers and their fight for freedom and other historical Dune
elements lend an air of discovery to this fast-paced tale.

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