Web design: studios 2

scrisa de Julius Wiedemann

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Editura: Taschen
Autor (i): Julius Wiedemann
ISBN: 978-3-8228-3010-9
Descriere: "Web design has come a long way since the days of 216-color web palate and snail's pace connection speeds. Today, interactive designers have more freedom and flexibility than ever before. The tools we use are more robust; target audiences are more savvy; and lush interactive experiences are more possible than we coud have ever imagined even a year ago. The interactive work being created today is more vibrant, textural and immersive than ever. Creatively, the possibilities seem limitless.
Online users today expect richer experiences and are not as likely as they once were to buy into online media simply because they have acces to it. Successful interactive designers engage these increasingly shrewd users by finding new ways to buil on traditional design principles like typography, layout, identity and the like. But by adding new layers, such as motion, gaming, 3D design, and social networking, the best wb studios are evolving interactive work and simultaneously the very definition of interactivity." (Introduction, Jonathan Hills - Domani Studios)

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